These programs are made using Max MSP, you can run them for free by downloading Max MSP runtime.

DubCub Siren

This classic Dub siren was created for the DubCub community. It features a space echo style delay with a feedback filter and resonance control.

Audio Granulator

An audio granulator with adjustable grain length and position offset, pitch randomization and up to 1000 grains per second.

Auto Glitch

Automatic sample glitcher made in Max MSP. Featuring adjustable time base and glitch length. Complete with a glitchy image that has been transformed using audio processing tools on the raw image data.

MIDI Score

Use a live or pre sequenced MIDI feed to create a scrolling visual score. This patch is intended to be used for conducting a group of live performers.

8 Bit Boy

This Max MSP patch generates fast 8 bit arpeggios like the classic gaming consoles of the 1980s. Nintendo Gameboy image courtesy of William Warby.

Flavours of Randomness

This Max MSP patch gives an overview of different kinds of randomness. The various distribution patterns created by these number generators is shown on histograms. There is also a melody comparison allowing you to hear the affect of the different number generators.