Made with Cycling74's programming environment Max MSP, these programs can be run for free using Max MSP runtime

Basic frequency modulation, amplitude modulation and Chowning type frequency modulation. Basic additive synthesis with variable harmonic amplitudes.
Simple demo of a polyphonic synthesizer using a poly~ sub-patcher. How to deal with DSP muting when sounds have reverberation.
Wavetable oscillator with manual waveform drawing mode. Classic dub siren and feedback delay.
Coll based sequencer with Chowning type frequency modulation. Basic synthesizer subpatcher.
How to use waveform~ for sample selection playback. Sample looper and spatializer using nodes.
Audio file scrubber using waveform~. A quick sample editor for creating rhythmical loops using a QWERYY keyboard.
Slice and dice up beats and rhythms with this Max4Live instrument. Two 8bit wavetable synthesizers built as Max4Live instruments.
Simple audio granulator as a Max4Live instrument.
Tap in a tempo and have Max estimate the BPM. Enveloping using ADSR~ including visual feedback.
A step by step guide to building effects with a delay line. Use a live MIDI feed to create a scrolling visual score.
Demo of clip distortion using clip~. How to use curve~ with the function object to create curved envelopes.
Generative delay time modulator. Guide to types of random numbers, including histograms of their distribution patterns.